10X Faster Data Annotation

Using a unique blend of in-house and cutting edge tools, we produce high-quality data sets up to 10X faster than your current labelling efforts.


We're experts in the latest annotation tools so you don't have to be.

Never have to worry about annotation again. Let us handle the arduous annotation workflow so you can focus on building the other important aspects of your model. 

Yuva AI is the solution to create and validate training data for Computer Vision and NLP models.

A new frontier

Up to 10x Faster Computer Vision Annotation

Active Learning

We use a generalised model that can apply polygon masks and boxes around almost every object.

Every Annotation Covered

We have tags, bounding boxes, polygons, masks, directional vectors, attributes and more ready.


NLP Like Never Before

Smarter, Faster NLP Labelling

We are able to churn through audio and text data in record time to extract the meaningful insights required to train your model. 

70%Reduced Labelling Time

5 Flexible Use Cases

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Our Labellers

The Brightest Young Tech Talent

At Yuva AI we deploy a workforce of motivated, high-achieving university students annotators that have been trained to annotate using advanced tools. 

We're a team of young data scientists and engineers who are passionate about advancing the adoption of AI. Our team has worked with over 50,000 young people over the last four years.


Flexible Labelling

Our team are ready to produce any specific annotations. Plus, we train annotators for you.


Cost Savings

The inexpensive cost of labour for young people means we can do more for less.

Keeping your data safe

Serious About Security

Secure Storage

Data is stored in S3 buckets on AWS S3 servers located in Ireland and Australia.

Limited Access

Annotators have limited viewing rights and cannot download data. You retain the rights to all data too.

Australian Privacy Principles Compliant

We follow data security best practices, with encryption at rest and during transit. 

Strict Data Usage

Yuva AI will not access or use Customer Data, except as necessary to provide the Services and TSS to Customer.

Who We're Working With

We're working with companies profiled in Forbes and backed by world-leading accelerators like Techstar.


Let's Talk

Book an initial no-obligation consultation free of charge to see if Yuva AI can help your business. Drop us a line below with your availability to discuss further. Or feel free to ask any other questions you may have. 

Creating a better future, one piece of data at a time. 

Contact Us

Address : 200 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone:+61 424 466 454

Email: yash@yuva.ai