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High Quality

Synthetic Data for Computer Vision

Save time and money obtaining image and video datasets to build your vision AI models.

Perfect Labels. 10X More Diversity. No Privacy Issues.

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Yash Dutt

Founder & CEO
"Having worked with Fortune 50s and startups alike, we believe in the power of synthetic data."
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Our Mission is to Unlock the True Power of Computer Vision

The Problem

Before any company can build AI, they spend 80% of their time sourcing high quality image and video data.

Our Solution

Using novel CGI & AI tech, Yuva AI generates synthetic image and video data for companies building computer vision AI.

Automatically obtain images with relevant annotations

Perfect Labels at a Click of a Button

Never have to worry about obtaining labels for data ever again.


Try our Data. It's Free!

We want to expand the scope of AI and number of people involved with AI. Click on a dataset of your choice, sign up for free and then download our synthetic datasets.

A new PAradigm

Synthetic Data Produces Results

We have a Whitepaper coming out soon on how our synthetic data performs.

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Faster Than Manual Methods

#Scale With your needs

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Easily Access Data

Our data can be used for mission-critical applications of AI as well as research use-cases. We use cloud bucket storage so that you can easily access large quantities of data. 

Get in touch to see how we can fit your needs. 

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