Synthetic Data for Computer Vision

Auto-generate images, videos and annotations with our form-based GUI.

Perfect Labels. Infinite Diversity. No Privacy Issues.

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Yash Dutt

Founder & CEO
"We have worked with Fortune 500’s and startups alike. We build best-in-class tools for engineers so you don't have to."
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Here's How Our Customers Use Synthetic Data

Training Data

Generate images or videos with pixel-perfect annotations for algorithm training purposes. 

Edge Cases

Iteratively improve model performance by generating data on unique scenarios.

Validation Data

Validate model performance by generating synthetic validation and test scenarios. 


The Complete Toolkit for Automated Data Generation

Yuva AI helps you auto-generate images, videos and annotations as simple as inputting details into a form-based GUI.

Obtaining labels for data made simple.

Get pixel perfect labels with synthetic data. 


For teams with small data needs
$ 1000

USD Starting Price
  • 2000 Images
  • Maximum 5 Day Turnaround
  • Choose Your Annotation Type
  • Images + Annotations Formatted & Ready for Training
  • Reduced Prices For Researchers


For teams with large data needs
$ 4000

USD Starting Price
  • 10,000 Images
  • Choose Your Annotation Type
  • Images + Annotations Formatted & Ready for Training


For teams with extra large dataset requirements
  • Unlimited Images
  • Unlimited Annotation Types
  • Dedicated Team

Industry Use Cases

We are supporting companies across all industries ranging from UAV to Agriculture. Contact us below for synthetic data to suit your needs.

A new PAradigm

Synthetic Data Produces Results

We have a Whitepaper coming out soon on how our synthetic data performs.

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Less Real Data Required on Avg.
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Avg. Reduction in Labelling Cost
Faster Than Manual Methods

#Scale With your needs

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Talk to us about your use case

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Easily Access Data

Our data can be used for mission-critical applications of AI as well as research use-cases. We use cloud bucket storage so that you can easily access large quantities of data. 

Get in touch to see how we can fit your needs.