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Cash in Iso?

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For Android Users Only.

If you're an android user and have some spare time you wanna use to earn some cash, we need you to help us outline hair in images. 

On Your Time

Label images whenever you have a spare minute or go for hours on end - we don't mind. Remember: labelling stops by the 6th of May! 

Get Paid in Cash or Gift Cards

Outline the hair on images using our app, and get paid for every approved label. We supply gift cards for nearly all brands worldwide. 

Images to Label
0 6/05/20

The 3-step process

Earning money has never been easier. 

1. Download

Download the app package we send your android device.

2. Label

Label the image like in the video here. Every image takes 30s to 1min.

3. Get Paid

Get paid for every approved label.

Earn the way you want to

Get money straight to your bank account or through a gift card for every approved image that you label.

$5 Giftcard or Cash

For 75 approved images

$10 Giftcard or Cash

For 150 approved images

$20 Giftcard or Cash

For 300 approved images

$20 Bonus Gift Card

For the person with the most approved images

Register Interest Now!

We'll send you details in the coming days. 

    About Yuva AI

    We're an Aussie startup powering AI across the world.

    Companies have lots of data. But, before they use that data they need it structured, cleaned and labelled – it can be a long and tedious process especially for big chunks of data. That’s where Yuva AI comes in. We streamline processes and connect companies with motivated young people like you to help curate data sets for their latest innovations. Think driverless cars and robots that do your homework for you. 

    In essence, by working with Yuva AI, you’re helping change the world by labelling the foundations which bring new creations to life.