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Innovator • Storyteller • Changemaker

Hi, I'm Yash.

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About Me

Currently I'm...

  • the founder and CEO of Yuva AI, a software startup disrupting how companies develop deep learning artificial intelligence systems. 
  • The youngest advisor to the Tech Council of Australia. 

Previously I've...

  • Created educational programs that have impacted ~150,000 young people as the director of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship.
  • Road tripped around Australia teaching entrepreneurial skills to young people in regional and metropolitan Australia.
  • Developed DIY Artificial Intelligence robot kits for students. 
  • Co-founded, TechFlow, Australia's largest technology media publication for GenZ.

My Interests Include...

all forms of writing & storytelling; creator economy; AI/ML; building communities; AI fairness, explainability, & ethics; making information & education more accessible