Agriculture Dataset

Farms, Pigs & Hay Bales
The dataset consists of 1000 images of farms wherein each image there are some hay barrels and pigs present in the farm scene.
Following files are available after signing up:
train.zip  - (500 samples) This zip contains two folders (images and segmentation_maps) where images correspond to images of the farm scenes and segmentation_maps contain corresponding segmented images of barrels. Along with this, there is meta-data.csv which contains barrels and pig counts under headers barrels_count, pigs_count respectively.
test.zip - (500 samples) This zip file only contains images corresponding to farm scenes for which barrels and pig count have to be predicted.

Test Your Skills with IIT & Yuva AI

Participate in the Hey-Barrels Competition with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) & Yuva AI's Synthetic Agriculture Dataset
Can you count the number of hay barrels and pigs in the given farm scenes? Along with the images of the farm scenes, segmentation images of hay barrels in the farm are also provided for each image in the training dataset. However no segmentation maps exist for the pigs, so they are going to be a challenge to count! Learn more here!