Natural Language



Our NLP Labelling Capabilities

For all your natural processing related tasks.

Named Entity Recognition

Identify and extract key entities for automated content discovery.


Part of Speech

Tag parts of speech for individual words.


Coreference Resolution

Find all expressions that refer to the same entity in a text.


Dependency Resolution

Break down the grammatical structure of a sentence.


Document labeling

Categorise and classify your data.


The Fastest Labelling Team

Understand why our processes lead to up to 70% reductions in labelling time. 

Expert Annotators

Our team are the experts in labelling tools for your use case so you don't have to be. 

Powerful extensions enable scalable work

We have labelling functions to eliminate repetitive work. We incorporate keyboard shortcuts for labellers to boost efficiency. 


Built-in intelligence

Using libraries like spaCy, we automate the labelling of well-known items and verify labels. 

Efficient Validation

We use specialised review tools to quickly identify disagreements and errors caused by biases.

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