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Our Impact Methodology

Yuva AI creates inclusive and diverse livelihoods in the tech-enabled services sector to serve the data needs of organizations investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

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Our Secret Sauce

The secret sauce is our social mission which inspires us to recruit people from under- served communities, train them in digital skills and induct them into the knowledge economy. We emphasise sourcing talent from an impact background. Around 50% are women, a significant achievement in the technology sector. These dual goals of establishing a cutting edge for- profit technology business, and creating sustainable livelihoods for marginalized people, have driven us to innovate on HR practices related to employee skill development through Learning & Development (L&D).

OUR IMpact program

Our unique IMPACT Program teaches a multitude of vital skills to young people.


Digital Literacy


written examination


IT Essentials




Logical Reasoning


workplace readiness

Build Technical Foundations

We introduce members to emerging areas such as ML, CV, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, E- Commerce, Social media, and Geospatial technologies.  Formative understanding of these domains is strengthened through hands- on data annotation tasks conducted under the supervision of L&D facilitators. This familiarizes them with service delivery concepts such as task instructions, quality, and throughput. 

Practical Applications

Trainees are assessed and successful employees are placed in client projects for On- Job Training. For example, those in Finance projects are trained in financial terminology and documents. They can then perform services like financial data extraction, corporate classification, and sentiment analysis. Other domains include Medical and Retail, where Subject Matter Experts provide insights and context.

Cross Skill or Up Skill

Upskilled employees gain deep domain expertise, move to more complex tasks, and become Quality Analysts. Cross-skilled employees gain a breadth of domain expertise, can connect diverse data streams and ease organizational knowledge management. Leadership potential is nurtured through training in soft skills, communication, and floor/project management. 

Creating a better future, one piece of data at a time. 

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