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This is where you'll find all the information you need to annotate. 

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Contact Yash on yash@yuva.ai or on messenger if you have
any issues.

The Basics

Getting Started



Go to the platform here.

Login details are as follows: Username: Your Email 

Password: YuvaAI123


Open Trello & Start Timer

Join Trello here to see what trays have been allocated to you and to start timing how long labelling takes. 

Instructions on how to use this are below.


Begin Labelling

Watch the how to video below if you haven't already and label away! Tell us when you have completed the first task so we can confirm you're on the right track. 


Important Notes

Use this to get work done as quick as possible

Tips and Tricks

CVAT Shortcuts

Zoom: Ctrl+scroll 

Next annotated object in image: Tab

Next image: F

Previous image: D

Undo: Ctrl+z

Hide box: H

Set box to Occluded: Q

(use when box is covered by another tool or if tool is offscreen) 

Copy: Ctrl+C

Paste: Ctrl+V 

Delete (for mac): Fn+Delete

Hide all boxes on frame: T + H 


How to Validate

Example of Level of Accuracy Required for Boxes

Go through every box from top to bottom and resize boxes as needed.  Ensure every box is as tight as possible around the object of interest. 

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How to Track Activity

See what has been asked by other team members.

Question Feed

Track Trays Completed and Time

Using Trello

We're using Trello to help you identify the trays allocated to you and to measure the time it takes to label. 

Our guide on how to use it is below: 

1. Sign in

Sign up to the Yuva AI team if you haven't here. 

Sign into Trello and click the Yuva AI board. 


Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 2.02.35 pm
2. Start the Timer & Label Away!

Find the board with your name and start the timer on a tray allocated to you.

3. Stop the Timer for Breaks

Every time you take a break, it's very important that you pause the timer.

4. Tag Difficult Images

Every time you come across a difficult image, note it in the description.